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Killers trapped in an experimental prison overcome their past lives and find redemption.

   Author, Doug Buchs

The Mescalero Project

  A response to Lord of the Flies


Doug Buchs has constructed an intricately imagined world that is self-contained in every sense. Under the great dome, with its own micro-climate, a society based at first on vengeance and horror undergoes an astonishing, but utterly convincing, transformation. Mr. Buchs has written a page-turning story of considerable moral and psychological complexity. The pivotal character of James Stryker is as mysterious and compelling for the reader as for his fellow inmates in the sinister prison known as the Mescalero Project.
- Janette Turner Hospital, novelist, author, and Carolina Distinguished Professor of English at the University of South Carolina.

The Mescalero Project has everything a great read should have: a dense, intricate plot; characters you believe in and care about passionately; language that is vivid and fresh - a sustained pleasure to read. But this page-turner does much more than entertain: it teases you into thought, planting questions that stay with you long after you've put the book down. What hidden resources in the human spirit can change us in unexpected ways? What forces can threaten to turn society into a mob? What can cause the opposite? His first novel, Mr. Buchs writes with the grace and confidence of a man who's been writing all his life.
- Rhina P. Espaillat, award winning author and poet.